About Us.

Ashiloht Cakes Decorating Supplies is a Limited Liability company, aimed at supplying cakes decorating products within her locality and surrounding areas, supplying all basic and essential cake decorating needs when and how needed. This desire was borne out of a personal experience of having to travel hundreds of miles to purchase decorating supplies so much needed for my passion for cake making and decorating.

Not only do we aim at relieving most customers of miles they have to travel to get their supplies, we also offer the advantage of customers being able to purchase the quantities they require and not being ladened with compulsory mandate of a minimum order quantity or be penalised with an additional fee. Ashiloht Cakes Decorating supplies helps take off the trade order hassle, offering you the same product at a reasonably competitive price just a walk or a phone call away.

We pride ourselves in bringing you high quality product from leading brands in the cake decorating industry you are already used to. Whether you are a beginner in cake decorating wanting to fuel your passion for cake decorating, or you are already a professional in the business, Ashiloht Cakes Decorating Supplies is your one stop shop to your cake decorating needs.